Screening/Vetting Services

Screening Services across Northern Ireland and Beyond

Priority Investigations offers both light or in-depth, pre-employment screening, business screening and due diligence for organisations, individuals, or other groups.

We Help You Avoid Potential Risks To Your Business

Protect your business or family with continued employment screening and pre-recruitment employee checks. Small businesses are more at risk, often lacking in the resources to carry out sufficient checks. Many small businesses neglect candidate screening and suffer the consequences further down the line. A few simple checks are often enough to avoid problems unfolding in the future. This is a relatively inexpensive process, something which many organisations to do not actually realise.
Corporate Investigations
bespoke service For Businesses

Support For Businesses

Whether it’s mergers & acquisitions, or protecting your brand and investments our intelligence based solutions give you the information to make better informed decisions. 

Completing initial and ongoing screening/vetting (due diligence) allows you to mitigating risk and protect your business activities. 
screening for your business

Why Choose Us?

Our customers continue to choose us for the following reasons:
  • We protect your business
  • We provide a bespoke service
  • We serve businesses of all sizes
  • We serve all industries
  • We have a quick turnaround time
You can depend on us to advise you on the best level of screening for your business. You can make a better informed decision while hiring the appropriate candidate for your organisation.
Priority Investigations provides high-quality screening services for clients in Northern Ireland. For no obligation confidential advice and quote you can contact us on
028 9099 2441 or send us an Email 
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